The ShadowRay

This page is about my book series that I am currently writing. One of them is published. One of them is being edited for publishing within the next couple weeks and One of them is in the works. The series title is, “ShadowRay”.

The first book is “ShadowRay: Scratching the Surface”

In this book I introduce a young woman named Runa Walker who lives in a small town. And the story on the surface is about Runa struggling to discover who she is because of supernatural things that tend to vie for her attention. Also there are other story lines of consequence; not the least of which is about a mysterious ladies’ book club.  Runa is a soft spoken and non-confrontational person.  She usually attempts to keep the peace but, soon she finds another force within herself encroaching on her defenses.

I realize that the bulk of characters and stories within the novel can seem daunting at first. But there is a road through it all named Runa. Keeping her in view keeps you on the road. The other extemporaneous situations are more peripheral. They are important as the story builds but, the focus will always be Runa Walker.

The underlying current is a theme about a special dichotomy within this character. Her pervasive insistence is to guard every aspect of her heart even at her own expense. She does not seem to have found her ‘voice’ but, that voice is trying to get out anyway. There is another side to Runa Walker. Albeit for Runa, this is not like other people who struggle within themselves. As the supernatural aspect of the book starts to unfold; Runa will begin to learn things about herself she does not want to see.

Her father who died in an airplane accident could have shed some light on who she really is. Her mother does not talk about it. She must face these things by herself as she tries to live a normal life. But her other self will not leave her alone. Runa suffers with nightmares and sleepwalking and this causes her insomnia and confusion. She is going through something she cannot tell anybody about.

The only problem is that she finds herself joining the town’s exclusive book club. It is anything but demure in it’s nature. The ladies of the book club are the center of gossip and activity within the odd community where Runa lives. It will be difficult to keep a low profile around these women. Especially since there are a lot of things about her father’s past activities she knows very little about.

Runa will eventually have to make a decision about facing her fears. That means she will have to come face to face with who she is and why these strange things are happening around her.

Once the second book has been out for awhile; I plan to update this page but for now I do not want to talk about it yet. The title of my second book in this series will be ‘Prying Eyes’.

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