Esoteric Orange

Awhile ago I began this little project. I didn’t know exactly where it was going. I knew it was important somehow. But I didn’t know if it would be published or if it was just something to sharpen my writing skills on.

As I continued to develop it, I found that I really liked the direction in which it was going. I started each little chapter by writing a title. Then I wrote that section based on the title. In fact, I named the whole book before I even wrote one word. It seemed backward to write that way. But the words just flowed. The story was important.

I began to think about what it would feel like to be alone after the world ended. I realized that many people feel that way. There are times when we all face a tragedy and everything else stops. This is where my main character, Bailey Knight finds herself. She does not know why it happened.

What makes it worse is that nobody is really there to listen. Nobody knows what to say. It feels like they cannot hear her or see her. She might as well be a ghost. She wanders around until she realizes she is hungry. There is a strange orange tree in her back yard. She attempts to pick and peel one. but when she does, she blacks out.

In ‘How to Peel an Esoteric Orange’, Bailey Knight will take a journey to the end of the world. She will try to discover why this tragedy occurred and what can be done about it. She will face some difficult questions along the way.

This allegorical literary fiction is now available. I believe it is my best work so far. I hope you will agree.

How to Peel an Esoteric Orange