Plant Yourself Where You’ll Bloom

Finding a good place to write can make all the difference when working on projects. For me, finding a good writing location is like a director/producer locating the best filming locations. I know that lacking the perfect writing spot would not stop me from writing but, it definitely helps to have one. I do write at home but, sometimes I feel trapped. Sometimes I get stuck with a lack of inspiration and I need something to help move the story along.

I feel the need to take my traveling office with me.

About a year and a half ago; I found a good writing location. This spot is at a grocery store. It’s an expanded store of course with a buffet lunch bar/salad bar, Chinese food, subs, pizzas, soups and everything else that a grocery store has. They also have a large two-level seating area with outlet strips about every five feet along the wall next to many of the tables and chairs. The downstairs area has large windows for looking outside. This way there is a view of indoor and outdoor activity. This is the kind of spot I like.

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Breaking the Clock

I woke up one day and realized I was not happy. I looked around my home office where the piles had fallen and everything in my personal world was caving in on me. I was a slave to that damn alarm clock. ‘Work’ was overwhelming me. Management in healthcare was where I had landed in life. But I was drowning in it. My purpose had been replaced by someone else’s purpose.

“I’m not happy if I’m not writing!”

My ‘job’ in management began to take over my life. And I would hear their excuses that it was just what everyone had to do. I didn’t buy that. Taking calls all day and night was ridiculous. I had very few mental breaks. I was heading for a real breakdown. Continue reading

Michael J. Tyger – Introduction

“Must a name mean something?” Alice asked doubtfully.
Of course it must,” Humpty Dumpty said with a short laugh; “my name means the shape I am – and a good handsome shape it is, too. With a name like yours, you might be any shape, almost.”

This is an introduction to my blog and me. I don’t really know how to begin. So I will just say that I am a new author and this is my blog. This is my first post so I will talk about why I have a pen name and what I like to write. Thank you.

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