Mind Full of Perspective

Today I would like to talk about perspective. As a writer I have to delve into a myriad of perspectives in order to tell a better story. In order to do that effectively I need to get a real taste of as many different people’s views as possible. So I engage with everyone I can and I listen to as many people as I am able. This way I can find the heart of their ideas and what makes them tick. What makes up a person’s identity and their perspective has a lot to do with their environment and outside influences.

While thinking about these things I pondered how different environments have created different perspectives and why. As people we seem to allow these outside influences to slowly attach inside and grow. We let ideas and experiences cultivate our thought processes to the point where we find emotional attachment to them. These emotions seem stirred by further influences and drive us to action. All of this continues to shape a changing and growing perspective.

We become convinced of our perspectives.

Any other perspective that is diametrically opposed must be wrong. Even if that perspective is in all ways the same as ours but has one or two differences; we still staunchly oppose it. I have heard in the past that the aim of higher education was to have an open mind. And yet I struggle to find that to be the general result in the social situations I participate in.

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