Coffee Sense

So I was sitting at a certain coffee shop this morning and getting ready to write a masterpiece of some kind. From my vantage point I could see the station where people finish preparing their coffee. And I happened to witness a man (someone in his fifties) pouring the top third of his coffee out of his cup and into the small magic circle in the counter top. It must be magic if you can just dump hot coffee in there. This is the kind of thing that the text SMH was made for. I was shaking my head, alright.

I try to ignore people when I’m writing and their not-so-common sense approaches to life. But this just got under my skin. I know most of the people who work there and I would be very angry if they were taking out the trash and got burnt by some idiot’s hot coffee.

Have some coffee sense people!

This got me thinking about how careless or impatient we are sometimes. I’ve seen people walking into or out of a coffee shop and the next person (sometimes carrying coffee) have the door slammed in their face. Also there is a clearly laid out path to the counter where you order your coffee. I’ve watched numerous people ignore that and line jump in front of others. Then when the shop is really busy and the workers are barely keeping up; some young person will bring an empty cream thermos up and get angry if the workers don’t immediately refill it.

I know that the world has changed. I know that we have so many things to make life easy these days and not to sound like an old man (which I am not) but,

why are we so discourteous then?

We should be happy we have all these time saving things in our life. We’ve progressed so far in technology and choices and we have regressed so much in manners and decency.

I hear people talking all the time about how we are one big world now. Really? We can’t even treat the people at the coffee shop with more care and consideration. How do we think we even deserve to branch out into the rest of the world?

Be the example

The next time you’re stopping for coffee I dare you to make an example of yourself. Be the one to hold the door. Follow the ordering order and be patient with the workers. And for God’s sake please patiently ask them to leave you room for cream or to dump some of the coffee in the sink for you. Maybe if we are all a little more patient and kind; nobody will get burnt.

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