Plant Yourself Where You’ll Bloom

Finding a good place to write can make all the difference when working on projects. For me, finding a good writing location is like a director/producer locating the best filming locations. I know that lacking the perfect writing spot would not stop me from writing but, it definitely helps to have one. I do write at home but, sometimes I feel trapped. Sometimes I get stuck with a lack of inspiration and I need something to help move the story along.

I feel the need to take my traveling office with me.

About a year and a half ago; I found a good writing location. This spot is at a grocery store. It’s an expanded store of course with a buffet lunch bar/salad bar, Chinese food, subs, pizzas, soups and everything else that a grocery store has. They also have a large two-level seating area with outlet strips about every five feet along the wall next to many of the tables and chairs. The downstairs area has large windows for looking outside. This way there is a view of indoor and outdoor activity. This is the kind of spot I like.

Sometimes I hear conversations that inspire good dialog. I can see how people dress in all kinds of weather and watch how they react to different situations. And when I want to write without distraction, I just put on my headphones and listen to playlists I have set up for my story.

There are other places I have gone to write that, under good circumstances work just as well. Coffee shops can work if they are not too busy. Finding a good corner table with a cup of coffee can be ideal at times. Again it is a good people watching place. But it can get a bit cramped at times.

I don’t always do well with cramped.

I’ve gone to certain libraries and bookstores that offer a quieter and less cramped experience. Many mainstream bookstores have coffee shops in them. Some libraries have them or, they may even have a little lunch place. There’s a library I go to located at a city park. It’s in a new building and has a large seating area with places to plug in laptops and charge phones. There are even plush chairs by the large windows looking out over the lake.

When it comes to eating; I actually forget or don’t want to stop and get up. So it’s best for me to grab something early before I start. I rarely write without a cup of coffee so I need to either be somewhere that has coffee or get some on my way. I end up eating late most days until my project is done. But if I can find the right location I prefer not to lose any daylight.

I’ve heard that some wineries make a good location to pen your novel or memoirs. I’ve only been to a couple of them myself but, from what I’ve seen, it would probably work pretty well. I don’t recall if they had any places to plug in however.

I also suppose you could set up at a fast casual restaurant or the food court at a local mall. I’ve tried writing in malls before and I don’t particularly care for it myself. But if any writer finds that to be their spot, there’s nothing wrong with it. All of us have our own settings that make us more productive than others. It may come down to what your subject matter is too. It may not be helpful to write the most exciting and important scenes of your book at two in the morning at Denny’s. Then again, it might.

No matter what, I suggest that you find the most productive environment to work in. Find that first. And find a few places so you have a variety of choices. In other words; plant yourself where you’ll bloom.

What is your favorite working spot?

Please share some ideas here. I would like to know where else I could try. Writers always need good ideas after all. Thank you.


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