ShadowRay: Prying Eyes

The sequel to ShadowRay is now available through Amazon and Kindle!

I was excited to write the second installment in this series. It gave me a chance to develop the characters and the story as I intended. It also brought me personal enjoyment because I love writing this series. I try to write what I would like to read. My inspiration for this book includes a continued desire to show the struggles within that we face about our lives and the choices we have. Sometimes it seems we have opposing forces competing for attention both externally and internally. Then we often feel that people are watching us closely in what we choose. Sometimes people do. 


Other inspirations for this book include a variety of topics. One thing in particular is my love of all things martial arts related. For me it is more of an interest than an activity anymore but, I enjoy it. Also, I am a big geek when it comes to the strange and unexplained phenomena of the world and the universe. I love history and mythology. I enjoy finding patterns and searching for clues about things that are theories or possibilities. I dabble in reading about bizarre scientific theories as well as mainstream ones. My other penchant is fantasy. I enjoy fantastic other-worldly stories.
Stories that combine science fiction and fantasy have always been high on my list. Being able to take that combination and package it into an urban setting has been a driving force behind these books. I am thrilled that this volume of the story has been added now for your Prying Eyes.
And here is a link to the original book in the series –
(both print and Kindle editions)
And here is my blog post about ShadowRay –

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